Thursday, December 29, 2011

Call for Submissions

When I started this magazine about a month ago, I wasn't expecting much. As it turns out, I was expecting too much. I thought I would have had one or two submissions by now. As it is, I would feel lucky if I heard a quiet cricket chirp in response to my advertisements. What I'm saying is: it's a tough world out there for a little website that can't afford to pay the writers it wants to publish, but that's not going to stop me any time soon!

What we're looking for:

  • Fiction between 10 and 10,000 words (give or take a few)
  • Poetry between 1 and 100 lines (approximately)
  • Anything else.

Obviously, I'm not going to publish just anything. It has to be good. But please, help me get this ball rolling by taking a chance and submitting your work. I don't bite, I promise. And if I do decide to publish your work, but you change your mind, just send me an email and I'll remove your writing, no questions asked.