Monday, February 4, 2013

Anonymous Relation...

 by Dr. Smita Anand Sriwastav

They were not just friends keeping in touch by phone calls and sharing the occasional lunch together.
They were not lukewarm acquaintances, scribbled names in some address book, a smile shared on mutual sidewalks, a hand waved in greeting. They were more, much more, sharing a more close knit relation. They were not lovers, sharing intimate gazes over flickering candlelight and their lingering touch scribing poetry on the skin of another. Their realms did not spoon together to make one perfect whole. They were strangers bound together by cords of loneliness; as the lonely moon becomes acquainted with the bay, yet their existences are destined to be separate. They fill the vacuum of their haunting silences with innocuous words, just to make those moments more palatable, but it is not a communication, a sharing of thoughts, a blending of ideas—just meaningless tirade to fill empty hours. They recognize each other, are familiar with their habits and idiosyncrasies but the thoughts of one are not reflected in the gaze of another. Understanding is elusive, for they are just archipelagos disjointed and separated with no bridge joining them but the frail threads of necessity.