Wednesday, January 25, 2012


 by Liz Minette

Somewhere now,
between the light
and the dark,
it seems we stand.
We may wonder
what to do,
where to go, and
what we will carry
for the next part
of our journeys.

Venus guides a path.

In her early season, she brings
a basket of light,
necessity for hope,
that increases as she rises
brighter and higher -
the dove seeking sweet grass -
days long and full
of potential that sustains.

Later she returns,

leading evening's cloth
which is woven some of
leaf mulch and wood smoke.
Each dwelling now
gives forth window glow,
a reflection
of the Goddess's eye
showing the way home.

 Liz Minette has been writing for about 10 years and some publication credits include Earth's Daughters, Third Wednesday, Poetry Victims and Nerve Cowboy.  She finds herself employed at a community access television station in Duluth, Minnesota and djs for a woman's music program radio show.

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