Monday, July 1, 2013

July 2013 Released!

I am very pleased to announce that our second quarterly issue is officially released!
There are two ways to view the content for this issue:
All of the stories and poems have been published as individual entries on this site. To view all of them, either scroll down through our feed, follow the links on the bottom of this page, or click on the "July 2013" tag.
If you prefer, the magazine has also been uploaded to Google Drive available to view and download. Simply follow this link, or click the tab at the top of the screen that reads "July 2013." The downloadable magazine also includes a short introduction by myself.

There may still be some formatting glitches to be worked out over the next couple days. If you spot a problem, please send an email to including a link to the page with a problem, if appropriate. Be sure to put "LAA" in the subject line somewhere so our spam filters don't catch you.

 If you would like to view the magazine on an e-reader, you can download it through Google Drive entirely for free. I do not have an e-reader myself, so I'm not sure exactly how to accomplish this. If you have any questions of that nature, please direct them to the manufacturer of your e-reader.

Below is a listing of all the pieces featured in this issue

Down and Out by Maggie Grinnell
Telling My Friends of the Storm by John Grey
Whose Ownership? by John Grey
Stasis by Lauren Sukin
* ("It's this thin envelope") by Simon Perchik
* (Except for the new suit") by Simon Perchik
Death of a Mouse by Bruce McRae
Light Flower by Melindy Wynn-Bourne
Stoneworkers by Barry Spacks
Poison by Brittany Nelson

Assertiveness Training for Mummies by David Vardeman
Gone by Xanthe Elliott
Strike Not by Scott Archer Jones
Aunt Hester by Carol Smallwood
Trials by Ronald Paxton

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