Monday, July 1, 2013


by Brittany Nelson

When I turn to sleep and my head is buried in the pillow
submerged within memories that I had with you
The words you speak mean more to me and nothing to you
I float on words that you used to say
and hope that this isn’t the end of the wave
I want the words to weave together
and the phrases to stitch into meaning
warm breath should never stop flowing
when it leaves your mouth
The kiss of poison reaches me
when I hear the passion in your voice
a drip of knowledge seeps through
and when I take it in, this is the greatest sin
To believe what you say
and taste the feeling on my tongue
responding with nonsense and nothingness
This is where my heart begins to feel intoxicated and alleviated
I'm stupid and lucid off the words that you bind intricately
My very being is the pattern and the needle is your tongue
it stitches through me like the devil's song it goes on and on
The poison slips in through my ears
it becomes all I can taste, all I can hear
the current overtakes me, carrying me
a blanket of toxicity covers me in its finality.

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