Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Love Sonnet

by Sara Callor

A loving heart transforms; ebullient,
it overflows with succulent delight.
Eventually, it wanes emollient
and satiates an ardent appetite
with tender poems, pleasant song and verse.
Encompassing the fluid rhyme of mind,
the ones in love will happily immerse
themselves in joy until they are entwined.
Transcending all humanity’s vague musk,
they bend precipitously in the lull
between the concentrated crush of dusk
and sunset, where delinquent dreams can mull.
Then, out of protested dim yesterdays,
Adonis, Aphrodite wax, ablaze.
Sara Callor is a graduate of the MFA program at Northwest Institute of Literary Arts and is a fiction editor for Soundings Review Literary Magazine.  She is an avid runner and lives in Colorado.

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