Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 2013 Released!

I am very pleased to announce that our first magazine-style issue is officially released! Due to some technical hiccups, it is a few days later than anticipated, but now I have the kinks worked out and the next issue will be released with (hopefully) very few problems.
As promised, there are two ways to view the content for this issue:
All of the stories and poems have been published as individual entries on this site, exactly as we've done in the past. To view all of them, either scroll down through our feed, or click on the "April 2013" tag.
If you prefer, the magazine has also been uploaded to Google Drive available to view and download. Simply follow this link, or click the tab at the top of the screen that reads "April 2013." The downloadable magazine also includes a short introduction by myself.

There are still a few formatting glitches to be worked out over the next couple days. If you spot a problem, please send an email to including a link to the page with a problem, if appropriate. Be sure to put "LAA" in the subject line somewhere so our spam filters don't catch you.

I was intending to make the magazine available on Amazon to download, but, as you know if you've been following this magazine on Facebook, there is no way that I could make the content free that way and I don't want money to be involved at any point in this process. If you would like to view the magazine on an e-reader, you can download it through Google Drive entirely for free. I do not have an e-reader myself, so I'm not sure exactly how to accomplish this. If you have any questions of that nature, please direct them to the manufacturer of your e-reader.

Below is a listing of all the pieces featured in this issue

"Slimy Lemons in Aged Whiskey" by Brent Lucia
"Knock Shrine" by Christian Reifsteck
"Molly Maguire's Pub" by Christian Reifsteck
"The Words of a Dutiful Niece" by Adreyo Sen
"Where Do the Balloons Go?" by Brittany Cagle
"Maple Scarf" by Brittany Cagle
"Joel" by Brittany Cagle
"No River Shall the Sea Refuse" by Jarrett Fontaine
"A Job Ain't Nothin' But Work" by Jean Byrne
"Why?" by Madison Grace Allen
"Coming Home After a Long Absence, Cleaning" by Florence Helbing
"The Flash of Metal" by Sara Jean Yaste
"Meet Buck and Jodie Cole!" by Nels Hanson
"Expanding Microscopic Dots" by Kim Farleigh
"Observation is Nine-Tenths of Possession" by David Vardeman

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