Tuesday, April 2, 2013

No River Shall the Sea Refuse

by Jarrett Fontaine

No river shall the sea refuse
there is no choice when chose for you
a milky bath of skyward blue
it's steady guide
the inward swim
rolls across your rippled skin
under currents panicked bare
the lifeless roar
of eye-locked stare
she grabbed my hand
walked in water-swallowed sand
and sang to me
as we absorbed
but all her rhymes
just felt so forced
that anchor dragged on ocean's floor
in deeper waters waves recede
a stream of blue in blood I bleed
when empathy won't feel for you
no river shall the sea refuse.

Jarrett Fontaine is a 26 year-old freelance writer from Nebraska. Winner of several Scholastic writing awards and a 2008 graduate of Dana College, Fontaine enjoys playing the piano and is an avid concert-goer. You’ll find his work most prominently featured in MidStarz Magazine and The Omaha Reader.

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