Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Words of a Dutiful Niece

by Adreyo Sen

It would be nice if one day
Had the sweet immediacy
Of chocolate
Or some other such vehicle
For the treachery
Of sugar.

Words are cheap
Conjure them off
Thin air
Or make them king-sized
Dark satisfaction
In large letters carved
On marzipan
Or animal crackers.

Even the poor
Could gobble them off
Weighty tomes
And discarded
Ice cream wrappers
The stale ink would add a kick
Most promiscuous.

I could put your grieving bulk in front
Of a widescreen TV
And let Owen Wilson do his stunts
In deceptively convincing glee
As yet his wrists functional
And watch you float away
High and numbed
By saccharine comedy.

I would stick to chocolate
Treat myself to some sleek Godiva
Or naughty
After emptying your bank account and moving
To Aruba.

Adreyo Sen, currently based in Kolkata, did his undergraduate work in English and his postgraduate work in English and Sociology. He hopes to find in writing his full-time vocation. He has bee published in Danse Macabre, Kritya, The Little Magazine and The Stand.

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