Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Letter to Mark

by Carol Smallwood

Excerpt from Lily's Odyssey (print novel 2010) published with permission by All Things That Matter Press. Its first chapter was a finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award in Best New Writing. http://www.amazon.com/Lilys-Odyssey-Carol-Smallwood/dp/0984098453  

Dear Mark,
I thought today was Friday but M*A*S*H wasn’t on at 6 so it must be Saturday.
I got a call from State asking me if I could come for an interview! Can’t believe it! I took the earliest interview time slot and made reservation for flying out Monday. They are paying for my ticket. They have tuition remission there.
I shouldn’t tell you but I went through a yellow light in a haze of thinking what to pack and got a $50 ticket. Jenny’s taking me to the airport so she can have the car. Return 8:03 a.m. on the 6th—have layovers both ways unfortunately in Chicago’s O’Hare.
Congratulations on being elected to the Student Government Association! That’s really good news and will look good on your resumes. I was very glad to hear you think your government teacher’s “one cool dude.” Are Ollie North haircuts popular on campus?
I liked your comment about Charlie having a car in the demolition derby “sounded like small town America—fixing something up and paying to smash it.”
Must dye Jenny’s slakes as she must wear them for work but will have to put bleach in the washer to get all the color out first. Sorry to hear you had pink shorts after I did the washing. Jenny’s red shirt must have run. She wanted to see my wedding ring and is wearing it for some reason.
I painted the utility room wall while listening for the mailperson. Maize watched me working with plants and jumped high when I surprised her coming around the corner of the house. It was very humid and it was hard sleeping last night with all the thunder. Maize hide last night and then woke me up by sniffing my nose. She keeps walking in and out or pushing pens off the table like she knows something’s up.
Not that surprised that you’re learning more about Nicolet City than when you were here. I’m glad the police came quickly when you had to call about the patient freaking out.
I’m looking forward to having you come home for Fay’s wedding and will try my new sourdough bread recipe out when you’re home.
Jenny I know misses you. I noticed that she really followed you around when you were home last time. She helped me with my book after prying her out of bed before 10 (after chasing Charlie home 1:30 last night). She does good work and am paying her. She went to see Betsy and probably Charlie will come over tonight. Trying to get another Wisconsin reference book going but is hard because it would mean limited sales so may end up doing a social resources one.
I saw a great big Allied Moving van pull up across the way and it was so long it had a hard time turning the corner. I so wanted it to be mine. The best thing in the mail today was there weren’t any rejects on article or job inquiries.
Be sure and do the best you can because your grades will follow you around no matter where you go.
Love, Mom

Carol Smallwood began writing poetry and fiction after retirement when she took creative writing classes. She has founded and supports humane societies

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