Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Smiling Starlet (Marilyn)

by James K. Blaylock

captured in black and white,
you were, your days, beauty;

being sexy, and silly, and worldly,
you had everyone's total attention

but somehow you needed so much more;
so it's safe to say, madness conquered...

though your legacy is forever churning;
Hollywood framed you, smiling starlet
James K. Blaylock is a write/poet/lyricist/ recording and spoken work artist. He's from Dallas, Tx., but lives in east Texas now. He's been writing for 13 years. Also he's enjoyed being published in many indie writer/poetry magazines, both stateside and abroad. He says "I adore being able to touch and coo people's souls. Writing is like conjuring magic with mere words."

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