Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wild Blazing Fires (Forgotten Galaxies)

by James K. Blaylock

a lightning bolt ferociously bit into the clock-tower;
therefore transforming the whole city, brightly blue

but all the simple folk calmly wandered, as they'd always done,
no panic grasped their lazy throats, nor ripped their easy eyes...

instead they walked aimlessly, and with their blinders strongly in place,
as nothing was to hinder their luxuries of time wasting and pretending

but nevertheless, the stench of wild blazing fires would soon saturate everything -
becoming more than some dimples, upon the smiling faces of forgotten galaxies
James K. Blaylock is a write/poet/lyricist/ recording and spoken work artist. He's from Dallas, Tx., but lives in east Texas now. He's been writing for 13 years. Also he's enjoyed being published in many indie writer/poetry magazines, both stateside and abroad. He says "I adore being able to touch and coo people's souls. Writing is like conjuring magic with mere words."

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